16HSFD Peerless Roller Bar Mixer


16HSFD Peerless Roller Bar Mixer


SOLD Used-Peerless Dough Mixer, Model 16HSFD, 16 HSFD High Speed Frozen Dough) 1600 lbs. capacity. 47.6 cuft. capacity. Stainless steel. to include main drive motor 100/50 hp 1760/860 3/6/480 frame 445 us Paint all carbon steel parts, Clean and polish stainless steel, Replace worn hydraulic hoses, Check, repair,replace seals & bearings, where needed New electrical controls to include : Enclosures will be NEMA 4 size 4 and 5 Soft Start Starters , Allan-Bradley safety system programmed to the sequence as discussed below, Operator Interface consisting of : 2 Hand control for jog Emergency stop & reset, Forward and reverse selector , Start stop push button Runtime cycle timer, Electrical system will be run by 480volt power and 24vdc control power with some 120volts to be used. Safety Circuit A redundant safety proximity switch will be supplied for the lid access area. An E-stop push button will be supplied as part of the overall safety protection. Both the switches and push buttons will be wired to a programmed safety monitoring system. The unit will run if its in the full upright position and the lid is closed and verified. The unit can be jogged if the mixer is fully tilted using the 2 hand controls.


Stock Number14104
Recondition of the mixerelectrical prints on file
Model number16HSFD